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Industrial treatment

Our products and systems are based on the use of THE MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES AVAILABLE for treatment of wastes at a wide range and studies of our R&D department.

ARI ARITMA offers services like leading industrial technologies, wide range network and technical support team to help you solve your problems in affordable ways.
Industry and waste are integrated. Industrial efforts always produce waste inevitably.’
Industrial wastewater treatment is a special competency area. Solution for industrial facilities varying between practices at different pollution levels requires good engineering and experience. ARI ARITMA is visible among its rivals with its R&D department that has been established as a result of diligence exercised by it about the business.
Using high purity water treatment technology and similar services, ARI ARITMA helps manufacturers obtain specific water quality. Furthermore, ARI ARITMA helps manufacturers install systems matching their ever-increasing wastewater regimes by raising efficiency while reducing cost. Our company’s principles may be listed as seen below in brief.


-Reliable service, 
-Spare part,
-Installation services
-Stability-focused approach whatever size of the project is
Water and wastewater treatment has always been critical for every industry. Every industry has demands specifying its requirements of treatment from process water to wastewater. ARI ARITMA is ready to help you satisfy such demands of yours.
“We design, construct and operate complete water and wastewater treatment systems satisfying your specifications whether your need is cleaning water for containers or wastewater treatment plant.”




“ARI ARITMA installs turnkey wastewater treatment plants for every population capacity whether small settlements or metropolises .”