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Package Treatment

Arı Arıtma manufactures highly efficient standard compact units that have been designed for various treatment applications. Petek is a standard biological treatment unit for organically contaminated industrial or domestic wastewater.
PETEK has a capacity to provide service to population sizes up to 50-10.000 people. It is a suitable solution for hotels, summer housing developments, military troops, villages, factories and similar settlements. PETEK has advantages like less space occupation, easy operation and minimum maintenance requirement, silent and seamless operation.
PETEK biological treatment facilities may be made of black steel plate, galvanized or stainless steel or concrete. PETEK biological treatment facilities ensure optimum application flexibility for features like flow rate, physical sizes, and space requirements. Manufacturing capacities range between 0,1 and 5,0 million gallons per day. In addition, multi-unit facilities with a capacity of 10 million gallons per day may be manufactured.
CHEPAC consists of fast stirring, slow stirring, plate settlement and filtration units. Chemical substance preparation and dosing equipments take place on the unit.
CHEPAC is delivered as ready to use after all piping works have been completed and mounted on the control panel.

“ARI ARITMA installs turnkey wastewater treatment plants for every population capacity whether small settlements or metropolises .”