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Kovan – (İTOSB wastewater treatment plant)



Kovan is our wastewater treatment plant taking place in Istanbul Tuzla Industrial Park. The plant was designed, manufactured and assembled by our company while it is operated by us.

Design of our plant is certified by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Furthermore, it has the environmental license issued by Governorship of Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization.

We treated your wastewater in our plant. Your wastewater is taken from your place via equipped vehicles to be transported to our plant.

Your wastewater’s pollution loads are reduced in our units designed by using modern technology to a level allowing discharge to the receiving environment.

Please do not hesitate to use the following details for contact with our plant:

İTOSB 3.Cadde No:11 Tepeören - Tuzla / İstanbul

0 216 290 50 83




“ARI ARITMA installs turnkey wastewater treatment plants for every population capacity whether small settlements or metropolises .”